Samsung Smartthings WiFi Mesh Router, what do you guys think?

Hey guys, what do you think about this new product from Samsung? Have you used it for a while?
I have range extenders around the house and some far out Zwave outdoor GE controllers that I could not reach with Zwave chain. So I figured I order this new Mesh router and kill two birds with one stone. Got it about a week ago and so far VERY MUCH disappointed. I don’t know if I got the bad unit or not (ordering the replacement now), but WiFi speeds been dropping badly between units and even at the best times speeds between unit 2 and 3 drops significantly, even though they are only about 10-12 yards straight out across single wall. While my main unit shows 150Mb, the second unit only showing 60Mbs and sometimes drops to 25Mbs and third unit at best showing 20Mb and dropping down to only 1 or 2Mb.

Personally I don’t buy any WiFi router/mesh/accesspoint that has not been reviewed and recommended by smallnet builder

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Wow… just got mine today and I’m getting ready to install it. Currently I have a Nighthawk 8000r. It kicks ass on speeds on all of three bands (1 2.4 ghz and 2 5 ghz. ). I just did a speedtest using Comcast Xfinirty Internet and it topped out at 297 download and 23.7 upload. If I install this SmartThings wifi and it kills my speeds I’m going to be pissed…!!! I have an array of devices 35 total. This system better not drop in performance. .!!! So I have the v2 hub and the Nighthawk 8000r now, so I an going to uninstall that and install the SmartThings wifi . Wish me well. .!!! I will let you know how it turns out.

How did it turn out?

My coverage is alot better, but my speed did take a slight hit. I also dumped my Comcast modem recently and got a surfboard. It seem my speed took another hit with wifi. Sorry on the two year delay…!