New router from u-verse, ST hub says devices are unavailable

Hopefully I got the right category, if not, please advise.

It’s been a long day of technical drama at home and work. My old u-verse router was oscillating from good speed to <1mbps, so they shipped me a new one, arrived today. a BGW210 if you know AT&T tech.

Got it swapped out. The restore settings from backup didn’t work, so I had to manually adjust my IP and range for DHCP, and the wi-fi SSID and password to what the old one was (I don’t run stock 192.168.1.x).

All my other wifi stuff is happy, from cell phones, nest, and echoes (those needed a reboot).

Alexa says SmartThings is not available.

the ST app (classic) lets me log in, but says all my Things are unavailable for their individual statuses.

I have unplugged and removed the batteries from my ST gen2 hub.

I don’t see anybody moaning here about ST being down (plus, I can log in, so good sign Samsung’s side is up).

One other factor just came to me as I finished typing. My original ADT Pulse hub is still in the picture, and my ST hub acts as a secondary hub. I might try rebooting the ADT Pulse hardware as well, though I expect the ST hub to connect to Samsung and talk z-wave to my switches on its own…

I just checked the IDE and it says the hub is “disconnected”. plenty of blinky lights on the LAN port, so it should be passing packets.

Any other ideas?

Does your router see the Smartthings hub?
What color is the led on Smartthings hub?

it was blue before, it’s blue now.

and it just came active on its own.

Murphy’s law. post about it and the problem will solve itself :slight_smile:

Thanks, though.

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I may have spoke too soon. Now it’s offline again…

Had similar problems rebooting the ADT Pulse hub just now…

I’m suspecting my new AT&T router isn’t my friend either…

The best thing you can do is go into the U-Verse router/gateway and in the “LAN” page it should list all the devices it knows about. If it’s seeing the Pulse hub or SmartThings hub along with assigning a local IP address the LAN side of the gateway is functional. If they cannot get to the internet you may have intermittent issues, check on the WAN side (DSL vDSL, etc.) page for any large counts of errors.

Both Pulse and SmartThings usually don’t require any changes to normal internet connectivity to function. Are you plugging the SmartThings and/or Pulse into the gateway directly or are you using a external switch? You may want to test by plugging in directly vs. using a switch.

At the moment, looks like ST has been oscillating from disconnected/connected all night, based on the event log
Even some of my Echoes are having trouble.

My PC managed to stay connected to VPN and remote desktop all night while I slept (that’s usually the first to go in a fault).

The ST is directly connected to the gateway, as it was before the new router. it has an IP address. I’ve got to dig a little deeper to see what ADT shows up as (the device name isn’t obvious).

the Gateway only shows 1537 FEC errors, the other error types are 0, on the WAN

the LAN is only showing 13 errors on the 5Ghz wifi, everything else is 0.

Thanks for the tips so far. I’ve got to do some work before I can fiddle with moving the ST jack to a switch to test that.

Keep an eye on those FEC errors :slight_smile:

I may be totally off but when swapping out router I ran into a lot of IP conflicts from devices that were either statically assigned to IPs that the new router gave out to other devices, or that were still hanging on to their DHCP assigned IPs from the previous router. If no devices are assigned an IP statically (within the device itself, not using DHCP) then the issue would correct itself once IP leases for all devices on the network have expired and they end up getting a new IP from the new router.

I would use a network scanner tool to get a complete list of all devices on the network and see what IPs are being used. Is there any other device that occasionally gets the ST hub’s old IP? Maybe a device such as a cell phone that is not necessarily persistently on the network?

Based on the post linked below, it appears that whatever was causing your degraded internet connection has not been resolved with the router swap.

looks like ST has stabilized since 9:30am. but before that, the IDE shows the event log is just packed with disconnected, reconnected events for the hub.

There’s a few devices still showing up as “unknown” in my DHCP client listing in AT&T. 5/7 Echoes show up with a name like amazonSOMEIDHERE, even though all 7 act like they are on the network (respond to asking the time, which requires a trip to AWS for the answer).

all PCs, phones and game systems are accounted for. Wracking my brain for any other devices (like Kindles I just thought of). Pretty sure I don’t have uninvited guests, more likely I’m forgetting something.

Another possible IP collision is how much of this stuff is using IPv6, and whether THAT introduced the same double-assignment possibilities. I hate IPv6 for its readability, it’s a string of gobbletygook that can’t be remembered when looking at device configs and allocation listings.

And in other news, my 12Mbit internet is now running at 4mbps on the new router.