ST Wifi create multiple random MAC addresses

I’m using a Samsung smartthings wifi as my hub and I have noticed when I look at my network that it creates multiple random MAC addresses (some have IP, some do not). None of the MAC addresses work when I do a look up - they come back vendor unknown.

I have no devices connected to the ST Wifi hub, other than Zigbee and Zwave devices, as I have a separate Wifi network.

I know its the ST wifi hub creating them because they all come from the same port on my switch and when I disconnect the ST wifi hub they all disappear, and then reappear when I reconnect the hub.

Any insight?

Random mac addresses are usualy generated for privacy and tracking prevention, If your not having an issues I wouldnt worry about it. If your concerened about it then you should open a ticket with support. But this is normal and you shouldnt worry about it.

As @mlchelp mentions, many devices use a random MAC address for security reasons. Also, many offer the ability to switch between the hardware MAC and the random one. For example, on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, there is a setting in the Wi-Fi network attributes to choose the phone MAC or Randomized MAC (default).