ST app frequently auto-detects Samsung TVs as new devices?

I’m using ST for iOS on my iPhone 6s, ST version is 1.6.02-111. Frequently when I launch ST app, it re-detects my Samsung 55” The Frame TV and displays a dialog box so I can add it as a new device. BUT it was already added - when I first ran ST over a month ago. The TV already shows as an existing device in ST, so why does it keep pestering me about adding it again? My best guess is that since this TV has both wired and WiFi nics, ST is detecting both nics/MACs? I have The Frame’s “Connect One” box (where all the HDMI, Ethernet etc plug in) connected to wired ethernet. I have never configured WiFi on the TV, so there’s no WiFi association with my WiFi network. And there is no obvious setting to disable the WiFi nic…


Eh, just add it again and ignore the second TV. Or maybe it’s your neighbor’s TV it’s trying to add? :wink: That could be fun, you could turn it down when their volume is too high.

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I’ve tried adding it (again) - which leaves me with TWO same model TVs. This is not a common TV, so seriously doubt a neighbor has one.

Would be nice if they added an IGNORE button so it would never auto-detect same device again.

My money is on the 2 NICs: WiFi and wired…

So, my suspicion is that it’s the wifi direct automatic connection function that’s finding the smartthings hub. My bet is that the only real solution to this is to keep the wifi connection to smartthings and remove the wired one. It shouldn’t find the wired one unless you search for it directly.

Wired is always faster and more reliable than WiFi - that’s why I connected TV to wired. ST Hub has to be connected to wired, right?

Is there a way to see a devices MAC address in ST? If it is a case of it detecting two NICs, I could add the 2nd instance of device - then move it to a new location that I’ll name UNUSED…

But that ties into my other post from today asking how you move a device from one location to another?

Location is tied to a SmartThings hub, I think. To move from one location to another you have to have a second hub at that location.

Just add both TVs, rename the second one Wifi, and don’t use it for anything. I know it’s annoying but the only other option I see is just use the Wifi connection.

Check your TV for wifi direct, and see if you can turn that off somewhere?

Actually, I let the auto-detect wizard try to add it (always cancelled previously), it got to 28%, then reported a failure.

Oddly, there is no detailed device info available when looking at ST devices. When I look at my one Frame TV device and tap on Information (from the … context menu), all it lists is the TV’s software version. I’m really quite surprised such basic device info as MAC address is not readily available within ST app🤔

So maybe ST app is detecting a neighbors TV today - sure would be nice to have an [IGNORE] button to teach the app that I’m not interested in this device…

Thanks for the tip about a Location needing a ST Hub associated with it before you can move a device to that location! Sounds very logical. But in cases like mine it would be helpful if ST let you move a device there - maybe just display that device (and Location) are INACTIVE until a Hub is added?

My moms Tv did this too. Just kept hitting ignore. I also get my neighbors TV popping up on my phone a lot. Too bad it requires a code verification on the screen to pair it or I’d mess with him. :sunglasses:


I don’t recall an IGNORE button, just CANCEL. Would be interesting to control someone else’s TV. Hopefully it requires some authentication code that displays on TV? I never had to add my 2 Samsung TVs - ST auto-added them based on the fact I had previously registered these smart TVs using same email address/account…

Cancel is right. And yes it requires a pin displayed on the screen.

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As we discussed in the other thread, a hub is no longer required for a “location“ if you are using the new “smart things (Samsung connect)” version of the app, which is the one that you need for smart televisions.

That aside, the issue with the frame television being continually added as a new device is a known bug with the new app. You can report to support, but I’m not sure there’s anything they can do about it yet.

So you think I should be able to move devices from one location to another? How, using the ST GUI, does one move a device? All I’ve uncovered so far is ability to remove a device (under EDIT). I am using ST 1.6.02-111, which is labeled SmartThings (Samsung Connect) in the App Store where I got ST. Again, you’ll find no mention of “Samsung Connect” in the app itself - which I assume is just to confuse newbies:)

Kind of funny that ST repeatedly auto-detects their own (Samsung) TV sets. You would think they could properly handle their own hardware…

We’ve never been able to move Devices from one location to another using the classic app. You had to remove them and then re-add them. But I have no idea what’s available in this regard with the new app, my own account hasn’t migrated yet. Seriously, I would start by talking to support. This is a great community, but at this point, 95% of the community members have no idea how the new system works, and about 75% of those don’t realize just how much has changed. So it’s a confusing time for everyone.:scream:

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Lets just say I’m not surprised. The “burn in down and start over” method they’re using for this change isn’t the most ideal, and there’s most likely going to be months of issues as they work through the headaches.

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Actually I was wrong: STSC app is apparently detecting a neighbors 50” Samsung TV. I guess there is currently no way to say Ignore this device ? Kind of annoying when you have lots of nearby neighbors in a condo complex…

Ouch! :scream: Talk about treasure hunting! Get some technopunk teens Cruising a neighborhood with the app open And they are going to find some tasty targets.

Yo ho ho!

How the heck is it allowed to detect something on a different Wi-Fi network?