MAC i.d. of my hub?

I have a ST hub V2 obtained Dec. 2016. I just got a new home router and am trying to identify everything connected to it.

It’s pretty clear that one of the devices is my hardwired V2 hub. Its name on the router starts “hubv2-”, then has a 12-digit hex (surely the MAC), then “0001”.

I can’t find the MAC anywhere on the V2 hub itself, nor in the ST app on my Android phone. The web API shows it, but it differs for the last three digits from the MAC in the router’s device list (assuming this is it).

What could be going on here? Can MAC addresses differ… or maybe there’s some sort of level or hierarchy to them, and in fact more than one associated with my hub?? (one for internet routing, one for ST i.d. purposes) Heck I don’t know.

Keep in mind that this is a hardwired connection. I have not done anything funky (no wireless relays, no MAC spoofing). The other six hardwired MACs shown on the router make perfect sense.

Can anybody help? Thanks!

No that’s not the MAC, the sixteen digit hex number is the hub ID. The first four bytes are the same as the MAC on mine but not the next two.

Just view the hub in the IDE ( and it is there and it is correct.

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Ah yes okay … what you said prompted me to look more closely at the router’s device list. In particular, I could go to more Details on each device. And there it does indeed list the MAC itself per se (separate from its “name” on the summary table). And there, the MAC is indeed exactly the same as in the web api (what you’re calling IDE, I think) for my hub.

Thanks then! I’m just getting started here and need to track down a bunch of wifi MACs, too… Very important to know that what looks like a MAC in the “name” for the device on the list, may not actually be the MAC.

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