ST & Vista20P

I have read some posts on this forum but am still unclear about how to connect my Vista20P to my ST. Can someone share step by step instructions ?

@adwaitjoshi I can point you in correct direction but unfortunately it it not simple… I am not finished with my integration but here is what i have.

  1. ADT Vista 20p
  2. Envisalink 3
  3. Raspberry PI running AlramServer
  4. ST hub

There are a number of ways people have achieve connecting security system to ST (envisalink, arduino, AD2-USB, and i am sure i missed a few). Basically you need the following…

  1. Some way for security panel send message out to a virtual keypad (in my case Envisalink)
  2. A program to translate the message (my my case AlarmServer program on Raspberry PI)
  3. Smartapps with in ST to receive the translated version from Alarmserver

Hope that help… search around for the other post on ADT, Honeywell, Vista integration.