Envisalink/Honeywell Vista 20p Integration

Just like many before me, I am trying to integrate my Honeywell Ademco Vista 20p security system into SmartThings.

I have previously connected an Envisalink EVL4 interface to my Honeywell system which allows me to control the system remotely using the EyezOn App, however, I would like to integrate this into the SmartThings platform so I can then use Amazon Alexa to verbally control the system, as well as use some of the built in states on SmartThings (Home, Away, etc) to incorporate the alarm status.

I have seen some Github posts that seem to have managed to do this, but they are way too complicated for me to follow and assume some significant level of coding ability, which I do not have.

Can anyone out there offer me a simplified version of how to accomplish this. I do have access to Github and can do basic imports from there.

The equipment I have:

Honeywell Ademco Vista 20p wired alarm system
Envisalink ELV4
Smarthings v2

Thanks in advance!

I have an ELV3, and the integration you mentioned is discussed in a few other topics is all I know of so far.

Okay thanks. Any way to have SmartThings consider it’s formal development and integration?

No problem, and highly unlikely considering how something like this works with ST. Usually, it’s the third party that would have to develop the SmartApp.

I just messaged @redloro and another poster who seem to have accomplished this. Hopefully they can get me up and running with initial steps since I am a complete novice when it comes to raspberri pi and coding.

Nate were you able to get this accomplished without rasberri pi and coding. I’m in the same boat you were in a few months back, new to SmartThings with no real coding experience.

Hi there,

I did end up going the raspberri pi and coding and it took me many hours >15-20 to get it up and running. I did get it working with SmartThings, but it seems to be sporadic and I am sure if I had more time to invest, I can get it working again, but I don’t. I could never really get the Amazon Alexa thing to really work well. There may have been more updates but I really haven’t looked in several months.

There is another option that I found previously that requires wiring into the alarm control box, which may have been easier, but I was already down the path with the Raspberri Pi.

Here is a link for you to explore: http://www.alarmdecoder.com/index.php

Please let me know if there is anything new and improved out there that you find that would solve our issues.

Good luck!

Thanks Nate for the response. I think I’m going to go head and pick up the EVL 4 and forego the integration into SmartThings until such time that they come up with a hook between the two systems. At least with the EVL I’ll have internet access for my alarm system.


hi I’m confused at that link u sent, which product will help me use the smart things app and my alarm? i basically wanted to pull in my driveway and have my alarm turn, open door etc. I looked into http://konnected.io but seems a bit confusing.

Hi James,

There is really no foolproof solution as of yet until SmartThings chooses to integrate it itself. There are work arounds, but takes significant manipulating. This is one link to a product that does some of the legwork for you, but still needs significant tinkering. I gave up for now.


ok thanks have u seen this?

I had not. Unfortunately, my system is a an Ademco Vista 20p not DSC so I don’t think it will work for my purposes.

that’s what i have but i have the envisalink module so I’m guessing it would work I’m having a brain fart on how to integrate this lol

@nzoneraich If you’ve been having trouble with the redloro integration recently, there was a ST firmware update that is causing traffic from the Pi to be blocked. ST is working on the fix (and has a firmware update in beta now that is supposed to fix it), but the workaround is to unplug the network cable from the ST hub for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

There’s also now an Envisalink skill for Alexa. I haven’t tried it, but it might be enough for anyone just looking for voice integration.

Thanks for the update. I will look into the Alexa Envisalink thing.

I have a Vista 20p and used https://konnected.io/ (I started with just a 2 sensors to check it out)… It is def a lot easier then I thought. They now have the interface module to keep your currently system running as is (yes we wanted to keep our current keypads) and it works great with the ST app. Send them a message with what your looking for and they will help you thru the WHOLE process!

Thanks for the info.

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