Alarmserver for Vista 20p (ADT) Integration?

Hey all, been reading through some of the threads and trying to get a handle on this from a laymen’s perspective. Right now I have the following:

ADT Safewatch 3000 Panel with wired sensors (aka Honeywell Vista 20P)
Envisalink 4 installed and working
Smartthings 2.0
Android Phone

I believe the next step is to get Alarmserver running and then setup on the Smartthings side to make everything talk. This is where I am getting lost.

I was wondering a few things

  1. What is the best way to run Alarmserver? Raspberry Pi or maybe an old Android phone (is this even possible?)
  2. Are there any tutorials (for beginners) on getting Alarmserver installed and configured on Raspberry or Android?
  3. Are there any tutorials on setting up the ST thing of things
  4. Lastly, most of the stuff I see are for DSC alarms, however is something already ‘ready to go’ for the Vista 20P (Safewatch 3000) unit?

Ultimately my goal was instead of purchasing 16 open/close sensors, why not use the ones already hard wired into my homes alarm system. Additionally, being able to arm and disarm via ST app would be nice. Hopefully this is indeed what I can ultimately do once all is said and done.

Appreciate the help. And again I apologize as I know much of this is already out there, but a lot of it seems to go over my head and hopefully this will be more encapsulating.


I am planning on implementing Vista 20p+alarmserver+SmartThings on a Raspberry Pi and blogging about the process, but I haven’t done so yet. I’ll probably put it together in August. If nothing better comes along, you can keep an eye out.

Sweet. I literally just ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 kit off Amazon which will be here this weekend. Looking forward to staying in touch on this :smile:

Many are using an Arduino instead. Please see this project for details: