Honeywell Vista 20P and Total Connect?

Hello, I’m sorry if this may have been covered already.

I have a Total Connect 2.0 Vista 20P system that has a combination of hardwired and wireless sensors. Is there any integrations between this and STs? I wanted to use STs as my primary system and eliminate the cost I am paying now to monitor my home.

I am not a big tech guy and was wondering if there is a simple solution.

Here’s the thread that you want. It’s pretty easy. I wrote a series of apps that automates all aspects of the alarm (on, off, arrivals, etc.). Some pieces are more “techy” than others. Good luck.

Has the functionality been smooth? I’m not a techy :frowning:

Yes, very smooth. One of the best things I’ve done. It adds a lot of value for me. My alarm is fully automated.

are you still running your service with ADT? With the new hub, i was looking to cx my service with my provider.

Wow, I consider myself a fairly techy person, but this was all greek to me. I just started using smart things last week. I’ve never heard of github or arduino or any of that. Assuming someone will have to learn all of this, is it worth the time? So can you use the smart things app to control the alarm system completely? Are there any functions it can’t do? I’m a mac guy, can all this programing be done on a mac? How do you connect to these cards? Do you have pics of how you connected all of this together? Sorry for 1000 questions. I really want to control my honeywell 15p with smart things. I don’t want to have two different apps to use anytime I want to unlock the system and unlock my doors.

Complete Noob

Techy? I’m a programmer. I love tech.

Is it worth the time? Depends on the individual. It was for me. It added a lot of value for my home and situation.

Functions it can’t do? It does everything. The interface essentially functions as a keypad. If it’s missing something, then it’s not something that I need.

How to connect? Use AD2Pi, Arduino Mega, and a ThingShield.

Control completely? Yes, I wrote a suite of apps that control it - completely. It turns on and off by itself and many other features all suited for automating the alarm (from my perspective).

Mac? Yes, you just need a web browser and the Arduino compiler.

Pics? I can take some later when I get time.

Ultimately, here’s the issue. If you’re techy, it’s not hard to do. If not, it’s still not hard, but the comfort level won’t be there, so it may not be something the average person wants to do. All of the basic functionality is readily available without coding skills (assuming adding a device type and smart app are a given). If you can code, then customizing the functionality is not an issue. I customized the device type to fix things that I believed were issues (nothing significant, but it works much better now). My apps extend the functionality of my alarm so that it functions completely behind the scenes for me and my family.

My issue with HA in general is this, I have yet to find an app that does exactly what I want, that does it the way I want, and takes into account my situation. Short of simple switches, contacts, or motions, every app written covers a specific set or subset of situations. That said, every app that does what I want typically falls short in one way or another (maybe I want lux taken into account, or presence, or something else). Sometimes things can be accomplished by utilizing multiple apps simultaneously, but there are pros and cons to this approach too. So I have created things that make ST great for me.

Bago, is there any how to manuals on this that someone could just mimic and get started/

Or would you be available for assistance.?

Second post in this thread will point you to the Arduino code and device type. I have modified the device type to reduce the noise and so it talks with Alarm Thing. I used Alarm Thing to set up the child devices. I can help you with both pieces. Do you have the Arduino setup and installed?