Logitech Harmony Smart Control and ST

According to this:
it seems that now “Harmony Smart Control” works with ST.
Maybe it could depends from recent Logitech firmware upgrade …
I’ve read tons of posts about “Logitech Harmony Smart Control” <-> ST connection difficulties and really i didn’t understand if now it’s ok or not,
There are someone with “Harmony Smart Control” working good ?
Thank you for help


Seems to run fine here, running two hubs and the Activites show up in SmartThings. Some of my SmartThings devices also show up on the remotes. Depends on your specific use case I guess on how you want to use the connection.

Got this going… but how do I integrate a smart thing into a activity. I want the “Watch TV” activity to turn on the power to my entertainment center first… right now I have to tell Alexa to turn on the entertainment center… then turn on TV… I have added it to the Harmony app, and can see it under the “Devices” “Home Control” in the Harmony…I was even able using the android app to add it to the turn off sequence of the Activity… but if I add it to the turn on sequence…well, it fires last, so of course nothing turns on… I am missing something.

In the Harmony activity, you should be able to add delays between steps executing and re-arrange the order of activities. However, I have seen where it limits which steps you can re-order.

Have you tried that?

yeppers…it does not even show up.