ST System Revamp - Need Help

(Benjamin Ferguson) #1

So, over the last year, I have gotten slack with my system. Out of growing frustration, I quit maintaining it and essentially have just been using the bare essentials. With a new Amazon Echo coming, I’ve got renewed interest in getting everything back up and running. However, I could greatly use some advice, as I am not sure where to begin and all the new “stuff” in ST, has me running circles around the app and my brain.

Here is what I am running
ST hub V1
Hue Hub V2
Harmony Smarthome & Hub
Amazon Echo

Here are the problems I am having:

  1. Cannot seem to get ST to recognize my upgraded Hue hub. Anytime I try to remove the Hue Hub or Hue Connect app, I am just given an error and nothing happens.

  2. My GE light bulbs are tied to my ST Hub. Is it better to run them through the Hue Hub now that it can do it?

  3. Is there a way to restart from zero? Or do I have to manually just release all devices and smart apps?

Thanks for any advice. I am little frustrated with getting around the new app and trying to figure out the best course of action to really just start over with my system.


Have you tried to remove the Hub and app through the IDE. I think I read that some are having fewer problems with the GE link bulbs dropping out when connected the the Hue hub. I think you do have to manually release all devices and smart apps. if you want to start fresh.