Hue and Bulb Discovery

So I have read every thread I can find about the “bulb discovery” error. It appears that the latest info is that it is still a known issue. Am I wrong? I spoke with support and they instructed me to delete everything from ST and re-install. I did that but when the bulb discovery was complete it gave me the same “bulb discovery” error. Now I have no light control. Did I miss anything as far as possible fixes go?

When I faced this issue,I went thru the same process but the last phase whereby I requested them to clean the “remains” before adding back the bulbs! But things may have changed as of now.

Hey @smart. Hope all is well with you. Are your bulbs functioning at all now?

Yeah! Nowadays I use Echo mostly to turn it on. But as such even hello homes are working better these days for me for some reason. In fact the lights turn on at sunset at this minute turned on 11 bulbs:…

That’s great! When you said they cleaned out the remains, you mean support? Should I be able to ask them to do the same? My family is ready for m and my gadgets to move out,.

Yes. And please do contact support if you are having issues… This will help them track issues.

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But as such this integration remains hosed. Still incorrect status in the dashboard even though it is polled by ST.

True. It sucks. I bought the hub for Sonos, Ecobee and Hue. None of them work correctly right now. I would just be happy having all of my lighting automation back.

I guess I should have left all of my GE bulbs connected to the ST hub.