Trying to catch up and need some advice or maybe reassurance on setup

I was cleaning up some after 2 years of pretty smooth sailing and noticed new device handlers and skills ect…
so I unlinked ST, Hue Hub, alexa, google and 2 harmony hubs

  1. unlinked everything each hub was holding its own devices and I had Alexa forget everything.
    2 I added alexa back to the “new” ST app and denied her permission to see anything then I had alexa search for hue … this is where it got odd Alexa found 13 out of the 25ish hue bulbs with no helper or skill i never could figure out why so
    3 I let alexa have access to the missing hue bulbs through ST for now

Was that the best method approach? I have not gotten to test everything yet the one thing i know isnt working is telling Alexa to turn off the living room which normally killed the tv and all lights now i get that device doesnt support that.

And I havent looked yet but I was wondering if controlling GElink osram lightify or the sylvania products had gotten any better I have a dozen or so in a box

If this was being done through Alexa groups, you might just need to add the devices into the correct groups (and perhaps set the devices to be lights/switches as appropriate) in the Alexa app.