ST system acting weird - unable to arm/disarm properly

Hi, I installed the ST hub, a ST multipurpose sensor, a ST motion sensor, and one GE smart dimmer light switch several weeks ago. I set up the app on my iphone. Everything went smoothly and the system seemed to be working normally.

After about a week, I added my husband’s cell phone to the configuration, so that the system would detect his presence as well. I did this by sending him an invite, and he installed the app on his Android phone. We both need to be able to control the system.

I have the following routines configured:
Arm system away when neither phone is detected
Disarm when either phone arrives home
Disarm system at set time each morning
Arm system stay at set time each evening
Pretty basic stuff

A few days after adding my husband to the configuration, the system went haywire. It randomly gets confused as to its current state. For example, on my phone it will show armed stay; on his disarmed (or vice versa). When you try to disarm it from the phone which says armed, it spins and is unable to complete the operation. It seems “stuck” between armed and disarmed. If you trigger the door sensor (which should be on when in armed stay), the lights with the GE switch go on appropriately, but no alert is issued. The only way to “unstick” it seems to be to switch to armed away, then back to disarmed.

This has happened multiple times. It seems related to both phones having the app open at the same time, although I can’t be completely sure.

I’ve just now kicked the hub to restart it (not a complete reset) and will see what happens. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Obviously, I can’t run around every day making sure the hub hasn’t gotten “stuck”

Does this have anything to do with having two cell phones both running the app to control the system? Certainly that should be allowed? If not, that would be a show stopper.


This is a know problem and there are tons of posts about it. ST has been trying to fix it for several days and you can see the status of the problem by going to

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Hello and welcome aboard

ST is currently experiencing some very serious system wide issues with users reporting many different issues.

The system should handle 2 users no problem, I doubt that is your issue

Please see this thread for ST updates

Patience is a virtue in this case, hang in there

I can tell you that I have been much happier with the smart things platform since i lowered my expectations and started considering it as just a hobby!


Thank you all so much. I was losing my mind! Although a system-wide issue is not really a great answer either, is it? LOL

I guess this is the alternative to not paying ADT or the like $35 or $40 a month… Lots of headaches to deal with. I had really high hopes for ST, but I’m not throwing away my receipts or packaging yet. If things don’t improve considerably soon, it will all go back to Home Depot. Sigh…

I’ve been waiting 2 years.