ST Station Connected Devices

I have a ST Hub V2 and recently added the ST Station. I installed all the same drivers on the Station that had been installed on the Hub. Don’t know if that was necessary.

The entire system works as it should. The Station shows a list of all Connected Devices. My list is empty. Should the Station have the same list as the Hub?


Your devices can only be connected to one hub. They are 2 separate hubs. You would need to pair devices with the Station before they will be listed under the Station.

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As @Paul_Oliver said, each hub will only list the devices that have been added specifically to it in the setup you described.

Note that this is very different from the Wi-Fi mesh smartthings hubs. Both your old hub and your station are connected to the same smartthings account, but they are not sharing the same Zigbee Network. So those devices will show up under one hub or the other, but not both. And of course the Z wave devices can’t be added to the station anyway.

You only need to download the edge Drivers onto the station that you are going to use for devices connected to that station.

Also, I wanted to post just as a reminder that because these are two separate zigbee networks, you may have to consider whether you have enough repeaters on each. If you only have a few devices, it won’t be a problem. And I don’t know what the maximums are for the station or if they are different than for the Aeotec hub. But even if you only had one Zigbee device connected to the station, if it was far enough away you might have network strength issues and lose some messages.

So, although you will eventually be able to see them both in the same app under the same smartthings account, you won’t see them at the same time, and, at least, from my perspective as a former field tech, you have to maintain health of the two networks separately.

@Automated_House might have some additional tips.

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And note, Routines involving devices on both hubs will run in the cloud, not locally.


Thanks for all the great replies. It would seem that, in the absence of any devices connected to the Station, that the Station provides no enhancement to the Hub’s performance and that there is no device that connects to the Station that cannot connect to the Hub. Do I understand that correctly? Thanks.

The v2 hub doesn’t have Thread Connectivity, so the Station will add that capability to your setup.

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The Station never provides “an enhancement to the existing hub’s performance.”

However, as @Paul_Oliver noted, the station is a “thread border router“ (TBR), and the V2 hub specifically is not. (The V3 hub, and the Aeotec hub are TBRs). And you need at least one TBR in your home if you are going to add any thread devices to your smartthings account.

So the station does make sense if your hub is a V2 and you want a TBR, especially if you have a galaxy phone because it does have some galaxy-only features.

(Of course, you might already have a TBR since many smart speakers are being updated to add that function. That will eventually include most echo models, some Google home models, and apple’s homepod mini.)

That’s not really enhancing the performance of your existing V2 hub, though, it’s just filling a gap that that hub does not provide. And that will only matter if you’re going to buy new thread devices. :thinking:

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Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

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