ST Staff question: any tips for specific devices with new app?

This is a question aimed at ST staff

Recently we found out 2016/17 Tvs mostly work in the new app if we remove from app, sign out and in on tv and re add in app… this was not common knowledge even to existing st users

Is there or are there any other tricks now available to get various other devices to work which staff members know about

For example by removing from classic and resetting device and discovering in new app ??

The Tv was a complete surprise and a great addition especially the input select option … is there anything else that should work with a trick or two

I don’t know if anybody else has had this issue, but not all of my GE z-wave switches show up in the new app. i’ve found that if I exclude the switch and re-add it then it shows up in both apps. But that requires re-building rules and stuff, so i’ve only done it with a couple hoping they eventually fix it.

I had this problem too. Recently I tried making a new room in the new app. Going into the old app, deleting the old room, then putting all the devices in the new room. After doing this for every room, all my devices now show. To summarize:

1: New App: Make New Room
2. Old App: Delete Old Room
3. Old App: Add devices to New Room

Beats excluding and redoing all the automations!

You can also do this in the IDE, but I found it easier using the Apps.

Let me know if it works for you.

I actually just emailed support and they were able to resync things from my account migration and everything is now showing up in both apps :tada:

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There are groovy device handlers for several of the OCF appliance types such as TV, robot vacuum, washer/dryer, etc. but there can be pre-requisites and edge-cases which impact their cross-app functionality.

To the best of my knowledge, OCF TVs will always be added to your default location. This can be problematic if your ST Hub and devices are on a location which is not your default location. Some of this customer support can help you work around but there can still be roadblocks.

The new app is certainly improving but I would continue to recommend most existing users stick with the classic app.


Not sure if this is because my Tv has only been off an hour or so but using the new app and the OCF Samsung Tv device i can now turn the Tv ON !! The red on/off button is no longer greyed out when the tv is off

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Only using the Samsung connect app correct or you are able to turn on as well using the classic app?