[ST Schema] What should I do if the self-test protocols don't match?


I have a question because there is something confusing in the self test document

First, I made my project as follows

[Device Integration → SmartThings Cloud Connector]

And the generated self-test checklist is as follows


Q1. Does C2C mean Cloud To Cloud?

Q2. And if the project I made is C2C, is it okay not to proceed with the test case without C2C in the protocol?

Thank you


Correct, C2C it’s the abbreviation of Cloud-To-Cloud. You can see several references to this abbreviation in the ST Schema documentation.

About the test of Health Check. You only need to make the test for the corresponding protocol because it works differently in each one of them. In the case of C2C, LAN, and MQTT, the developer has more control over the connection. For example, if the device goes offline unexpectedly, it might be an issue with the Access Token on your side because the Schema makes a periodic discovery and thus stateRefresh, if it gets an error using the token to authorize, you’ll get a global error in your Schema Connector and the device will me marked as offline.