[ST Schema] Character Limitation on WebHook Endpoint Target URL

There seems to be a limitation on character count for the top level domain of the URL configured when setting up a Cloud Connector SmartThings Schema WebHook Endpoint in the Developer Workspace. I am trying to use my domain that ends in “.solutions” as a URL, but it throws input validation error “Please enter a valid HTTPS URL.” I tested with random characters and the validation will take any combination as long as the TLD is 6 characters or less.

This is preventing me from developing using my existing registered domain. Hopefully this validation criteria is something that the ST back-end server developers can easily update to accept longer TLDs.

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How peculiar. It would seem just as easy to allow 63, and that would have the added advantage of being correct.

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Hi, @Freeblazin, I can see what you mean. I was able to enter something like:


But this was rejected:


So, I’ll check with the engineering team this situation. Once I get more info, I’ll let you know.
In the meantime, while you develop your integration, you can use:

  • AWS
  • Glitch as shown in this tutorial
  • Run your project locally and use ngrok to create an HTTPS tunnel.

I appreciate the quick replies on action! I did leverage the ngrok solution for interim development to continue.

I just made some tests to change this value from the API (SchemaApps endpoint) and it seems it was effective, can you help me verify this, please?

The request is to https://api.smartthings.com/v1/schema/apps/AppID; the AppID is found in the Developer Workspace, it starts with “viper_...”.
The body of the request would be:

    "webhookUrl": "https://f8b8-2806-103e-17-a508-1507-eea3.solutions",
    "hostingType": "webhook"

You’ll get a 204 error but the change is made. I’ll check why we get that response but I believe it will allow you to use the URL.