[Preferences] Character limit on text inputs

On the same subject @nayelyz and @posborne can you ask if they can increase the url digit limit from the current 100 digits/characters, to the more universal standardized 254 digits/characters please? 100 is too small/short for a url address.

Hi, @Alwas

Can you elaborate on this, please? An example (code snippet) of the implementation you’re trying to make would be very useful.

Hi @nayelyz I don’t have a code snippet, only the SmartThings engineers have the code because its a SmartThings limitation as @TAustin mentions here from October last year…

So any URL longer than 100 characters and the SmartThings app doesn’t accept it.

My question is if you can ask for this 100 character limit to be raised, even 50 more characters would help.

This is a SmartThings app limitation for when you are configuring automation routines. It’s not specific to URLs, but it’s a general input field limitation. Have you tried using a Rule instead?

I’m just a regular user, writing Rules is way beyond my comprehension.