ST scenes and Alexa


Just tried creating scenes under ST.
How does one expose these under Alexa so I can invoke them via Alexa?
I currently have a Amazon Alexa UK smartapp which allows me to expose a selection of devices i.e. Switches. But there’s no mention of scenes here.

When I then do a discovery under Alexa app, it finds no scenes?


There may be a better way, but for now… Make a Routine for each Scene.

This will also work with ActionTiles.

This doesn’t make sense…then why have scenes in the first place?

In the Alexa app there’s a new scenes section. To add these, you need to discover them. This suggests that it should pick up scenes defined under ST?
But it doesn’t work?
Am I missing something?

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In the SmartThings App, under Automation / SmartApps / Amazon Alexa, be sure to enable “Routines”.

And…yup… In my Alexa App / Smart Home under the Scenes Tab, it currently successfully detects all my Routines, but none of my Scenes.

In other words… SmartThings Scene support has likely not yet been built or enabled into the Alexa SmartThings Skill.

I formally suggested that SmartThings expose Scenes as “Routines” to all SmartApps, thus making Scenes instantly compatible with all existing SmartApps that offer calling a Routine. No response to the Suggestion.