Scenes in My Home Section with Alexa

In the ST app I have created a few Scenes in the section under My Home > Scenes. Are these scenes supposed to be discoverable by amazon echo dot

nope, not yet

that’s a shame. is this because alexa needs to support it or ST needs to support it?

If you create routines for your scenes i.e. one routine to trigger one scene then you can use Alexa to trigger the routine

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I read somewhere that Google Home can trigger the Scenes so its just a matter of time…maybe…

I see that the Alexa app is detecting scenes but they don’t seem to work. If a scene contains the same substring eg Dim Living Room or Dim Hallway, it says “a few things share that name which one did you want?” I’ve also tried creating routines that load the scenes but there seems to be no way around this naming confusion. Anyone have this working?

Pretty common Alexa issue. Need more unique names.