Smartthings scenes not working in Alexa

Routines show up in Alexa but do not run anymore. Any clue?

This happened with me as well, here’s what I found out… The fact that you see the routines showing up in the Alexa app is good, but go into each of the routines and you may find that the ACTION is gone. I had to go into each of my routines and re-add all of the actions.

I meant scenes…and I cannot see any option to edit ST scenes in the Alexa app…

Right, that’s another story… You cannot edit Scenes. This happened to me as well and here’s what I did… Have a look at your SKILLS, and disable the ST skill. Then, go to (you must do this from the computer, phones will not work) and go to your Skills. Scroll to bottom and REMOVE ALL. If they don’t completely disappear, do a remove all again until they do. Then go back and re-enable ST skill (make sure it is the one for the new app… Not the classic app). Then do a Scene Discovery.