ST powered first gen. motion sensor and recent false alerts

Anybody else facing this. Two of my ST powered first gen. motion sensors threw false alerts since this morning. Opening a ticket. But am I glad that photo burst app works and took pictures.

Opened tickets.

Not recently. I had my ST motion sensor (also first gen) throw a false event a few months back while I was away for the weekend. I have a 360° camera that records 24/7, also my lights trigger with motion when ‘Away’ or ‘Night’. I replayed and it was nothing, just a glitch with ST sensor. Has not happened again since.

What’s the battery level?

Issues like this are usually isolated to a particular device, so we wouldn’t see multiple users experiencing this issue at the same time.

Hello Mr. @Tyler Powered! :wink: as the topic says.

Are there no batteries in it at all?

Oops! Have to check once I get home. I think there is none.

Huh! The response…

Hahaha! Made my day!

"Thanks for reaching out. I greatly appreciate those specifics.

I did some digging on my end and I can definitely see there was motion at those times. There aren’t currently any known bugs or issues with the original motion sensors. Some times there are just hiccups in the system which could’ve caused the false alarm. Also, do you have a fly buzzing around? It may sound crazy but I had this chunky monster flying around my house once and he managed to trigger one of my motion sensors. May be worth looking into.

If the problem persists, however, please let me know. I would hate to put you through the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling your devices if there’s just a pesky mosquito trying to irritate you more than usual. While I was digging, I did clear out the cache on your system just in case there were some data confusion on the back end.

Thanks again contacting us. Please, if you keep having issues after this, shoot me a message. If you ever need anything else, do not hesitate to contact me anytime!"


I had a first Gen motion doing the same thing, support swapped it out and I still had false positives. So I instead just took my first gen out of all alarm type smart apps. I now only use it for lighting and power failure notifications.

I have never had a false positive with my 2nd Gen ST, monoprice or PEQ motions.