ST no longer controls lights

First, I’m not certain the problem is ST, but, since I can control the lights manually, I’m starting here.
GE enbrighten smart light switch
I use this switch to control our driveway lights. The lights/automation has worked perfectly for a couple of years - until 2 weeks ago. The automation (smart lighting) should turn on the driveway lights/front porch lights/back porch lights based on sunrise/sunset. The porch lights turn on/off perfectly. The driveway lights do not.
I can reset the enbrighten switch, wait a few seconds, turn the lights on/off by the ST app - for 1-3 minutes. After that, I get an icon? in ST for that device that looks like a cloud with a line through it. Reset the switch again, the cloud clears, I can turn the switch on/off using the ST app, wait 1-3 minutes, and the cloud is back.

How do I resolve this?

Zigbee or z-wave? This issue does not sound like it is related to the smart lighting issue since you get the cloud with line through it on the device


If it’s not Smart Lighting and the switch only works manually, I’m guessing that means the problem is the switch

The cloud icon should mean that the device isn’t responding as expected (or at all) to z-wave commands from the hub. Flipping the breaker off/on will often resolve GE switch problems when the issue is the device itself malfunctioning. I’d try that first.

If the breaker doesn’t do it, then the next most likely solution is to exclude/include the device. That will have the effect of a factory reset on the switch. It’ll also break any automations you have set up, so you may want to temporarily add a different device (or virtual switch) to those automations so they aren’t erased.

It’s also possible that the device has just gone bad. You may be able to get a warranty replacement if that’s the case.