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First, I’ll admit I’m not certain this is a ST problem, but since I see the indications in ST, I’ll start here.
I have an Enbrighten smart switch that control driveway and and another for porch lights. Automation runs sunrise/sunset under “Smart Lighting.” It worked well for ~18 months.
In the last month it will run for a few days and turn on all lights it should, then, a few days the porch lights will come on/off as they should but the driveway lights don’t. The Enbrighten switch for driveway lights, as seen in “Devices” shows what appears to be a cloud with a line through it when the lights don’t work - no cloud when the do. I’ve found if I hold the switch in the up position for 10 seconds an release, the cloud disappears and the switch works . . . for 5-15 minutes, then the cloud reappears and nothing.
I don’t know if this is a switch problem, a hub or sw problem, a problem with my AP.
How do I troubleshoot this?

Since you posted about this same issue a week ago, it would be helpful if you continued in that same topic:

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I couldn’t find the 1st one, sorry

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  1. tap on your icon at the top right of the page

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  1. that will open up a list of options. Tap on “activity.“

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Easy when I know how. Looking forward to a solution