ST newbie: How to move device from one location to another?

So I bought my ST Hub a month or so ago, and linked it to the same Samsung account that I have used in the past when registering my Samsung Smart TVs. So when I first ran the ST app on my iPhone, it auto-added my 2 Samsung TVs to the default ST location named HOME. I actually have 2 homes, so I renamed HOME to NJ and then created a new location named NY. Now the question: how do I move one of the Samsung TVs that ST auto-added to HOME(now named NJ) to my newly added NY location? You’d think it should be simple for someone in the IT business for over 30 yrs? I must just not had enough coffee today to figure this out:). Closest I’ve come is being able to Delete this device/TV by selecting DEVICES tab from main screen, then choosing ALL DEVICES from dropdown at top of Devices screen, then … menubin upper rgt, then EDIT. But EDIT only offers one option - it displays a red minus sign so you can delete a device. Where is MOVE?

I’m using ST 1.6.02-111 on an iPhone 6s. This is the newest ST app for iOS devices - if I’ve managed to follow the crazy names assigned to ST apps?


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First things first, since you mentioned televisions I’m going to assume that you are using the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” app rather than the “smartthings classic” app, but please confirm that as the features and options are different.

I don’t recall ever seeing the “Samsung Connect” verbiage. It does not appear when you go to apps Settings->About. And the title of the app when open is just SmartThings. The About screen lists version as SmartThings 1.6.02-111.

Just went to Apple’s App Store and do see it listed as SmartThings (Samsung Connect), and has same version number and icon of a hub, or whatever that is supposed to be? Oddly, the “Samsung Connect” verbiage is only seen in the title at App Store. Back in the ST app you’ll never see it mentioned. That confused the heck out of me when Support asked if I had Samsung Connect recently. Why didn’t they carry the name into the app itself? I guess that’s more of a question for Sammy people :slight_smile:

I think Edward_N may have answered my question in a different post: he said he thought a Location must have a hub associated/added before that Location can hold any devices… So maybe if I add a new ST Hub at my other (NY) house, then the device’s Edit menu will additionally offer a MOVE option?

I know how to move all devices, but not just one. Can you try deleting the device, then re-adding it in the proper location?

I don’t think I could easily re-add the other TV - unless I was at my other house and had MAC address or some other identification, right? Actually, since I have no hub at other location, I doubt I could even add it thru ST app. It got auto-added to ST app because that other TV was registered using same email address as ST app/Hub…

One of the reasons that I asked about the app is that while it used To be true that a location had to have a hub, that is specifically no longer true for the new “smartthings (Samsung connect)” App if The devices there are ones that do not require a hub, such as televisions and washing machines.

(There are a lot of changes with the new app, and since most of us have been told not to use the new app yet, many forum members are not yet used to it.)

Anyway, just so you know, historically Samsung had four or five different apps that all had something to do with home automation and the Internet of things. One of these was the old hub-related app, then just called SmartThings. Another was “Samsung connect” which was used for both smart televisions and for the “Samsung connect home“ WiFi router.

They decided to combine everything into one app and have everyone use that and that will be the new “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” app.

However— that app is still missing a lot of the features that are used by people who have a hub. They’re updating it as quickly as they can, but in the meantime, the existing customer base has been told to continue to use the classic app until their account is individually migrated over to the new app by support. But new customers, particularly those with televisions or appliances, are being told to use the new app.

So everyone is very confused right now. Including at times, support staff. :wink:

Here’s the official supportbase article which was just updated last week about locations. Note the comment about “devices which do not have a hub capability“ – – that means televisions and washing machines that do not join directly to the hub.


Aha. For the short term, I consider Smartthings Classic to be the only app, and the "new Smartthings (formerly known as Connect) to be “Really Alpha ™”

All true except that anyone with a Samsung smart television or the WiFi system cannot use it with the smartthings classic app, they have to use the new “smartthings (Samsung connect app).”

But it’s still Unquestionably “really Alpha.“ :wink:

You don’t need a hub to add a tv to the new app, but you do have to be there in person since it requires a confirmation pin displayed on the screen.

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at a guess this is for 2018 Tvs ?? 2017 Tvs with latest firmware still do not work, i only post this incase someone comes along with a few months old Tv and cannot do what you mention

Added my mom’s 2017 MU6300 a couple weeks ago just fine.

If you ever remember Jim, try take a look at the Tv firmware rev next time you get a chance, be interesting to see what her Tv is using, my Tv got a huge FW bump 2 days ago and not too surprisingly it got my hopes up for a connection fix… nah stil no joy

She lives 24 hours drive away, so that won’t be any time soon.

Distances like that just seem crazy to me, mind you with the traffic on the Uk south coast it takes me that long to travel 8 miles to work

How do you move all the devices?