Smartthings new and classic apps merge questions

I have been using smartthings for some time. Some months ago they renamed it to smartthings classic and created a new smartthings app. Recently I found that there was another location automatically created (I assume because of this renaming)

Casa Vimp = my original location where I have a smartthings Hub and all my automation
Home = automatically added and it has no smartthings hub assigned and no automation at all

So I have 3 questions:

1.- If I go to “home” location then click on add new thing it is asking me to add a Hub. Should I add to my “home” location the Hub that I already have in my other location (“casa VIMP”) ??
2.- Adding the same hub to both locations is safe? will it not spoil my automation in my “Casa VIMP” location ??
3.- Or is there a way to merge both locations ?? I want to do this because in the “Home” location I have a samsung tv “thing” that I have not been able to add it to my “Casa VIMP” location


this is common when switching to a Samsung login. First thing to check is login to the web IDE and see which location is set to default


I found that default location is “home” one:



see if you can change Casa Vamp to default and save. if so, you should be able to moved your tv to Casa Vamp in the new app.

yes I was able to make Casa VIMP my default location.
Now to add my TV you said that I should be able to move it in the new app, so what is the new app ? is it the one from my below screen shot or I just should go to the smartthings classic app and in the Casa VIMP location try again to find my TV as a thing ??

That’s the new app. Go to the devices page, choose the location with the tv and go to edit. There should be an option to move devices.

can you help me locate that option to move devices:

Here is the location where I have the tv and is under devices page

then click on the 3 dots in the upper right and inhere I click on devices in my Estancia TV (Samsung 9…)

then the location is just home and I cannot see any option to move to other location as it is grey off

Or should the tv be turned on and connected and then the move option will appear?? (as it shows disconnected as I am not currently in home)


try the 3 dots in the upper right on this screen

Another option would be to delete that location and then re-add the TV to the one location left.

thanks a lot.
After moving it, now in the smartthings app is showing together with all my other automation in the correct location but in the smartthings classic is still showing in the previous incorrect location:

So in the smartthings classic, my TV is still showing in the previous location

so any automation that involves my TV need to be developed in the new smartthings app ?

Samsung Appliance integration in Classic is a little different. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have that device in your new app twice now. I would stick with the new app for automations involving it.

I tried in the new smartthings app and I created an “if” --> “then” and in the “then” portion I want the TV to do something but this is grey off and unselectable. Do I have to do something to make it available ?

Your image above shows the TV as disconnected. You may want to remove it and add it again.

yeah, it won’t let you add it to an automation if its marked disconnected

not sure it shows as disconnected as this morning in home I managed to turn it on with smartthings. Once back home later today will check, thanks for all the help given, is really appreciated

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After turning on the tv it automatically reconected and managed to create automation in the new smartthings app but unfortunately options are very limited and not even channel change posibility.

Any other possible way to have more options available?

I’m afraid what you get is what you get for Samsung appliances. Unless they provide a future update.

well hopefully they release update soon, thanks for all your help I really appreciate your support !!

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