Moving devices to new location

Hi, I added a Samsung washer which created a new location. I wanted to move all of my other devices to this location. I saw a few posts about doing this, and tried to follow them, but the option seems to have been removed from the app. I wrote support and they said I would have to manually remove all of my devices from the first location and then add them back in manually, one at a time, as if I had just purchased them. Is this true now?

I’m not sure what’s possible now, but wouldn’t it be easier just to re-add the washer to your original location?

Unfortunately, I can’t add the washer to the original location as Samsung appliances require a new location from the original location created before the new app.

That does not sound right. You should be able to change the location in the ST app and then add the ST washer to it. If you click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and select the location there.

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Nope, unfortunately, it does require the new location. It is a known issue that Samsung appliances require a new location, I have found posts made in the past about it on this forum. But at that time, there was an option in the new app to move all devices to the new location.

Well, that’s depressing. :disappointed_relieved:

What washer do you have? I have the flex wash and had no issues getting it to the correct location.

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My guess is that the difference is that I started with SmartThings a long time ago, and the location that was created then is not compatible with the Samsung appliances. When I did a search, I found that this has been reported many times in these forums. I was just hoping that someone else has been able to fix this issue recently. Thanks for the responses.

I don’t believe I have ever seen the issue as you are describing it. I have seen when they started the ST to Samsung account migration and then the beginning of the app merge from Classic to STSC where an extra location was added. But as far as I am aware, you can place it in the current location that is selected in the new app (where it does not create a new location on its own). Depending on how many devices you have, it would probably make more sense to remove the appliance, change the location in the app to where all your other devices are in and add the appliance there. You may want to delete any empty locations in IDE before adding the appliance to the location that contains your other devices and hub.

Or wait and see if someone has resolved it. Possible I have just missed seeing this particular issue. I know it must be frustrating for you so I do hope you get it resolved.