ST newbie and have my ideas ready but still have questions

Hey Everyone,

This is my first post, so i hope I’m posting in the right area.

I’m building my H.A. around me having roommates and myself. So this will be dealing with security and convenience.

The product I have now: ST Hub Starter Kit, motion sensor, multi propose sensor, plug in outlet, Yale Touchscreen deadbolt, DLink (DCS-2330L) outdoor camera.

I’m using the motion sensor for my medicine door and for now i am using the DLink camera for monitoring that. I’m probably going to be moving the camera to the front door to where my Yale touchscreen deadbolt is located.

Now on to my project and ideas:

I’m wanting to get LED strips to wrap around the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling in my living room.
I’m wanting to get smart lights switches for the kitchen light and the two bathrooms. (doing this so I don’t have to keep telling my roommates to turn off the lights when you leave those rooms.)
I’m wanting to get a smart thermostat.

For the products I’m thinking about getting and questions i have with some of them

LED Strips: I’m thinking about going with what i found in the link below.
Forum Post
If I read it correctly, All I have to buy is

  1. SUPERNIGHT 32.8ft 10M Non-waterproof RGB LED Flexible Strip Kit ,SMD 5050 600leds LED Light Strip + 44Key Remote Controller + 24V 5A Power
  2. Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW Controller Model FGRGB-101.

PLEASE TELL ME if that is all I need to buy or what I need to buy. To have LED strip lights and get them to connect to ST.

For the Light Switches: I don’t have a neutral and wanting to use LED’s.

Light Switches: Lutrons
If I’m correct Lutrons will not communicate with ST. While researching about it. I found a Youtube video about it.
Youtube Video
Is this what I have to do? By buying a Staples Connect?

Thermostat: Nest
For the thermostat… I have 2 roommates and all of us have different schedules and ones works different schedules each week. Will the Nest be the best option? Or is there a better product out there.

This video shows you how to use your Pico remotes to control ST-connected z-wave devices by setting up Staples Connect as a secondary z-wave controller. It will not let you control Lutron in-wall switches with ST, unfortunately.

Yes, the LED items you listed works great. Since I posted this many find the following works just as well but is a little easier setting up.

I haven’t personally used it:

The Lutron Caseta switches will not connect directly to SmartThings, but they do have an IFTTT channel. This works very well for schedules and the wall switches work fine manually. Where you may run into enough lag that it’s better to consider using the Staples Connect is if you want to trigger the lights to go on based on a SmartThings controlled motion sensor. Then IFTTT might cause too much lag. On the other hand, if you just want to trigger them to go off after a period of inactivity, IFTTT might be fine.

I only mention this because you can’t do both. If you’re controlling the Lutron switches through Staples connect, you can no longer use IFTTT or Harmony with them.

Yea I noticed those… Those look a lot easier.
The thing is, I’m needing 94’ of LED’s. So that’s a big reason I was wanting to go with the lights posted. I guess I should have mentioned that. Ha
Thanks for the input! If you have any other info please post it. Two brains are better than one!

Yes, then your original selection makes sense. You will need a few repeaters, transformers and/or controllers for that length.

Is there any certain repeaters transformers and/or controllers I would need? Do you have website links to what products I need?

I haven’t used repeaters myself but you can find others that have experience with them in this post:

As far as transformers, make sure you don’t under size them or they will get too hot and burn out. Give yourself 20% buffer. For example, if you draw 800 mA, get a 1,000mA transformer.

Even though you use a repeater, you still may need more than one controller for your distance.

For the LED’s and the Fibaro RGBW controller link to what items i might need
Instead of connecting all 3 lights strips together and using transformers and repeaters I’m going to just connect 2 lights strips together and plug them into one receptacle and then connect the other light strip together and plug them into the other outlet on the receptacle. My friend is a electrician so he is going to help me put a receptacle in the ceiling. What if I install a z-wave receptacle, would i need the Fibaro RGBW Controller?