ST SmartSense Multi Garage Door Application

So I put a ST SmartSense Multi on my garage door and was able to get the dashboard to recognize it as a garage door sensor and that the door was closed. However, after opening and closing the garage door today, the sensor now reads as the door is open when it is actually closed and closed when it is actually open.

How do I fix that?

Thanks for the help,

I have the same problem since yesterday. The multi has been working fine for about a month but always shows open now. I tried changing batteries and reinstalling the garage door app but that did not help.

Did you find a solution?

I had the sensor so that it’s length was horizontal. If you look at the pictures provided when you setup a garage door using the app, it shows the sensor mounted so that it’s length is vertical. Once I switched it, it worked fine.

Thank you for the suggestion! I did check and it was verticl. I got it fixed now by completely removing the Sensor and the door app and reconnecting everything. I also moved the hub to a more central location in my home because Smartthings support told me that the signal from the sensor was weak when I asked them for help… Everything working fine again now!