Doors and locks - Smart Sense Multi

I am an original KS user. I have had my SS Multi on my garage since day 1. With the recent iOS changes I noticed I could changes this and add a “Door” type to it and use the new features to add Smart Apps. Once I make it a door and add a relay switch it no longer can detect that the door is open. I tried several times adding and removing the SS Multi, etc. After it no longer worked I had to go back to add it and make it under Damage and Danger to just let me know if the SS was “Open” so that it would notify me again. Anyone else having a problem with the SS Multi once you make it a “door” type = garage?

The garage type works by determining the orientation of the sensor vs an open/closed contact. You can change in the IDE to standard multi vs garage door multi. Does that make sense or did I misunderstand your question?

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Oh I think what you are saying is that I should make it a “conventional” door type because the way I have it setup is that when it is closed the two parts of the multi are next to each other and when open is when they are apart and that is what a “conventional” door expects not “garage”?

correct! At least give it a shot and see what happens! are you familiar with changing the device types in the IDE?

In the Mobile IDE or the developer? I think I know how to add a “door” to a “thing” but not sure if that is what your referring to?

Developer website, go to Device List, click on the sensor, click Edit at the bottom, and then change the multitype. The caveat to using it as an open/close is you can’t use a relay to control it in the actual app because it wants it to be the orientation type. If you do have a relay, and you want to use it to open the garage, you’ll have to use the ridiculously automated garage door control smartapp.

Could someone help me out here? I am trying to work with my multi. It’s very frustrating.

I have set it as a SmartSense Multi (Device type in the IDE per the instructions here). However, I want it to also notify me when someone pushes on the door or makes the accelerometer sensor go off (it’s a glass door so this is really for security purposes - otherwise I’d just put an SmartSense Open/Closed sensor on this door). I’ve got the following SmartApps enabled:

Door Knocker
Door Open/Close
Office Door (this appears to be a repeat notification of the Door Open/Closed but I am only getting one notification)
XXX Door (this is for ActiON Dashboard)

But I’m not getting any notification when I bang on the door. When I open it, the open/closed feature works fine.

Any help would be appreciated!