ST Multipurpose sensors stopped update state on App

Two days ago all my ST Multipurpose sensors have stopped updating their state. Or at the very least the hub has stopped acknowledging them. The sensors are all in their normal “Closed” state and don’t update on the app when a door / window etc are opened.

The hub is still monitoring temperature / battery status / and acceleration as normal for each. If this was one sensor I could expect a failed sensor, however this is for all (30) sensors throughout my home.

I contacted ST support via phone and they have no idea and created a ticket. No clue how long that will take.

I’ve rebooted the hub / internet etc multiple times with no change in system response. Anyone have a suggestion on something to check?

Hello @frischbr

There was an incident reported on last January 13th at:

It may take some time for these fixes to be reflected. Normally, I would suggest to re-add the devices to refresh its integration, in your case(30 multi-sensors), re-adding the most important ones should do it.

Last thing I’d recommend is updating your app.

Hope this information results useful to you,

By removing the door sensors and re-adding them to the system everything appears to be functioning properly now.

Thank you for your assistance Erick.

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