ST multipurpose sensor in mailbox? AA batteries?

Has anyone tried connecting two AA batteries to ST contact sensors in place of the 3v button cell? I’m looking to improve the reliability of the sensor in my mailbox and the cold weather has been zapping my button cells…

I have done this with a Xiaomi Sensor, so it should be possible to do this with a ST one.
If it gets cold outside use Lithium AA batteries instead of Alkaline.

Here is a little experiment i did, i have now replaced it with a nicer closed AAA box (and Lithium AAA).


Exactly, either 2 double AA’s or as Robin said a buck converter if you can get permanent power to it.

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Excellent, thanks for the info! I will break out the soldering iron this weekend.

FYI- I tried this on the new multi sensor and while it powers it the magnet contact sensor doesn’t “stick” like a magnet to it anymore.

So the smaller side is a magnet, but the larger side of the sensor must get its magnetism from power and doesn’t like the aa batteries. It will still register as open and closed however.

There is no magnet in the larger sensor side. The magnet was probably attracted to the metal in battery before.