Repair battery contact on multipurpose sensor

This morning while fiddling with the battery on one of my multipurpose sensors I managed to pop off the rectangular contact that presses against the negative battery terminal. It looks like it was originally glued in place and that I might be able to reattach it.

Looking for recommendations on what kind of adhesive you’d suggest using to get this functional again.


is this a gen1 ST Multisensor?

Goop glue is pretty firm, good grip but has some give. And you can remove it with persistence.

Shoe Goo and E5000 are similar to Goop.

How do I know if it’s a gen1 multisensor?

I did the same thing, were you able to repair it?

Nope, set it aside and forgot about it. I suppose I should just try soldering it back on. It doesn’t work now so worst case I fry something and I’m no better off; best case it fixes it and I get another sensor back!