ST Multipurpose sensors and battery life - configuration?

When I installed the ST Multipurpose sensors on my doors, I configured them as ST sensors. I’ve never used the temperature feature (being they are on the doors, they don’t represent any of my indoor temperatures) and I don’t use the vibration feature (I had a vibration alarm that was reporting too many false alarms).

What I’ve been wondering - if I take some of this functionality out of the code, or configure them as plain contact sensors, would I expect any better battery life? I don’t quite understand how polling works in relation to battery life and if this would make a difference.

My first one appears to have died after 8 months. It was reporting 50-some% one day, and the next it stopped working. Swapping batteries has it working fine again.


I just had one die after 3 months, it was the battery. It’s on a sliding door that get opened and run into a lot, so wondering how long I will get out of the new battery.

Any thoughts? If I configured them as a generic contact sensor with no temperature, no motion, etc., would I get any better battery life out of them? Thanks.

My two samsung multi-sensor’s battery died last month after ~8 month of use too. The last data log shows the battery is still at 55%. Other Iris open-close sensors purchased at the same time still work fine.