ST Multi Sensor for Skylight - which is best DTH?

I see a number of different Device handlers in the API for the multi sensor:
SmartSense Multi Sensor
SmartSense Multi + C3
SmartSense Multi + Graph

I’m wondering which DTH would be best for using the 3-axis to report on a skylight.
The skylight moves slowly. I have the multisensor attached to the underside of the glass.

I don’t want to use this as a “garage door”. I want to use perhaps webcore to get the 3-axis readings, and use a simulated/virtual device of some sort - or even perhaps a new DTH - to report on the following states based on those readings:

  • closed
  • open (vent, not vulnerable to rain)
  • open (vulnerable to rain)

Any thoughts on how to best proceed?

I dont think there is a big difference… except I think only the SmartSense Multi Sensor is running local (i.e. works for certain automation even if your network connection is down)

see this thread for more details:

However, since you will use core (what is not running local), I dont think there is a difference…

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Turns out that no DTH works for this project. Somehow the MultiSensor can detect the vibration of a dryer, but cannot detect when it’s being moved in three dimensions with a rotational aspect by a skylight motor.

I guess the device itself is incapable of detecting motion, or differences between prior and current XYZ axis readings, when there is not enough acceleration associated with it.

Glen, how is the skylight opened?
If motor powered then there are ways to detect this if connected to ST via a fibaro roller shutter relay
This is how I detect (and set the level) of my conservatory skylights