SmartSense Motion Sensor - Does it work well? Using it outside?

Does anyone have some thoughts on how well the SmartSense Motion Sensor is working. I’m debating on whether to buy one of those or the Aeon Labs Multi Sensor. I’d like to put one at my front door to alert me when someone is at the door or if packages are dropped off. It would be under an overhang, so it would not get wet.

So, the main questions:

  1. Will the SmartSense Motion Sensor work outside?

  2. Will I experience many false triggers? Is the Aeon Multi better or worse when it comes to false triggers?

  3. Any suggestions on what the best motion sensor would be for this?


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About the only complaint I have about SmartSense Motion Sensor is the lack of the illuminance sensing capability. It would have been cheap to add and probably wouldn’t have eating the battery all that much either (disclaimer: I’m not a hardware engineer). That being said, I would not use it outdoors - it’s not designed for that. Aeon sounds like a better choice.

The Aeon is designed to be outdoors and you can also adjust the sensitivity of it to reduce false positives. The SmartSense motion is both too sensitive and not weatherized for much outdoor use.

I will add for indoor use I like the Smartsense much better than the aeon.

@Johnny_Davy I just ordered some Monoprice Motion Sensors (they have built in temp as well) for use outside under an overhang and in a porch so you may want to take a look at those.

I use the Aeon Multi outdoors and while I really like it I’m pretty convinced that motion sensors are useless outdoors in any but the most sheltered positions. I get false positives from every car that drives by, every gust of wind that causes my shrubs to move etc. This is on the lowest sensitivity setting.