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ST motion to trigger Ring Doorbell 2 live record?

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Is it possible, or is there already a STApp, to activate a 30-sec Live recording with the Ring Doorbell 2 when motion is detected via a motion sensor? Reason I am asking is that the doorbell is mounted in a way that is 90 degrees off from the walkway to the front door and by the time the video starts recording, from motion, it is only getting the back of the person as they are walking away. If I were to be able to mount a motion sensor in a window on the side of the door, facing the walkway, it could start the recording as they walk up to the door. The motion zones on the doorbell interface are not accurate enough so that if I expand it to get all of the people walking up, it also picks up the cars passing by on the street. But in order to avoid the cars on the street, the smaller zones also do not register a porch walker…