Triggering Live Video Capture on Ring Doorbell Pro?

Is there a way to use the motion from another device to trigger live video capture on the Ring Doorbell (which I guess is the action of this equation)?

Purpose - when motion is triggered outside of house I would like to capture video from select locations around the house.

With IoT trigger(s) precipitate action(s) and I want to access the action side of the Ring Doorbell.

Example: I am currently able to use the motion from the Ring Doorbell (trigger) to capture video from a different Arlo camera (action) and I would like to do the same in reverse have motion from the Arlo cameras trigger live video capture on Ring Doorbell.

Not currently - at least none that I have found … I do not think Ring has exposed that through its API layer (IFTTT couldnt do it last I checked either)

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Any update on this ?
I have Ring Doorbell 2 and I want to trigger recording when people start climbing the stairs to my place.
No matter how I try, Ring’s internal trigger is not working out. It only starts recording when someone is directly in front. Often, I only see the backs of people leaving the stair, never climbing up.
Any solution ?

Maybe position a small security mirror somewhere in the field of view of the doorbell camera that can reveal the activity of the stairway. Motion in the security mirror might trigger the motion sensor in the camera.

Another thought might be to use a motion sensor monitoring the stairway to trigger a light in view of the doorbell camera to trigger its motion sensor. I’m not sure if you might could even use an IR LED pointed at the doorbell camera instead of a light bulb.

You might also want to make sure your wifi strength is as strong as possible where the doorbell is located, it might improve the lag you’re experiencing. But you may need a Ring that supports 5ghz for the most notable improvement. I have a Ring Pro and based on the video it captures, it looks like it may be always recording in a local buffer because the videos of passing people and cars usually start a few seconds before the subject enters the frame. (Unless there’s a reflection being picked up early that I’m not noticing.) I’m guessing if your Ring is not hardwired this wouldn’t even be possible.

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Thanks Tyler. Great ideas.