Smartthings and local work (no lan connection)

Hello ,

Last issue (Motion sensor didn’t trigger wall plug ect ) showing me ST can’t working (local) with any device , this is a bit strange coz other systems like fibaro can working at local if no internet connection.
Just wonder there is any option to update device to let it work local if no internet connection? I mean still should be log events at home , or st should be able to trigger some rules like motion sensor trigger plug ect .

Currently only SmartThings published devicetypes for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices will run locally. Also, only the SmartLighting App and some parts of SHM will run without an internet connection. There has been discussion about there being a submittal process to get other SmartApps and devices added to the list of things that are locally run but I haven’t seen anything about that recently.

Your locally installed SmartApps:

Your locally installed Devices:

problem is , when I’m disconnect lan nothing working in my ST , i check yours link but in my st is no devices running local ? why?
multisensors not working local ,motion detectors too , there is anything wrong in my ST?

Are you using the default SmartSense devicetypes or are you using community created devicetypes? What motion sensor and multi-sensor are you using?

Samsung SmartThings multisensors , all devices ST

And you’re running them on the ST v2 hub, I’m assuming?

yes , hub v2 any ideas?

That’s very strange. As long as you installed them using the default device-types then they should show up on the Devices list I posted above…[quote=“blebson, post:2, topic:35719”]
Your locally installed Devices:

heh , but they don’t show up there is empty, any idea?

reset and re do again all the devices and see if that work.

my devices show as local and i have smart lighting as local app. i have 6 ge link bulbs. they show as local. in smart lighting app i configured those bulbs and set to turn on when i click the bulb 1 but it does not work locally.

I dont know if i configured wrongly.

I have lots of devices listed locally and only SHM seems to have any apps running locally. None of my smart lighting is in there.

reset>? reboot hub? or you mean factory reset ?

question is , if you disconnect lan cable from hub your ST hub will still able to trigger lights/plugs/ect?

I guess I’ll have to check.

let me know , my don’t work :frowning:

guys maybe i don’t understand that properly , with no wifi router only hub v2 ST sensors should work or not? or maybe wifi router is required ? I’m lost a bit

Local should not need the router.

so my definitely don’t work , multi sensors (door open/close) motion sensors ect , if you have chance to check yours hub v2 that will be great .

I found you need to change the device type to make it work local. If you edit the device in the web and change the device to SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor from SmartSense Motion Sensor that caused it to appear in the local devices list.

will check that , same for wall plug and multi sensor? thanks