ST looses credentials to harmony home hub


I have the new ST V2 hub. Can anyone shed some light on why ST looses credentials to harmony home hub?

Thanks in advance…

Hey @sandy! Do you mind putting your post in

It addresses a tons of issue related to Harmony Home including the issues we have been facing lately.

Sure, I would I just can’t find it

Hey Smart- Hope Im in the right spot. Tried and am not able to integrate. I have the V2 hub and latest firmware and software for my Harmony Home hub and ST. I have static IP on both hubs. I have deleted, rebooted and reinstalled multiple times with no resolution. I am able to add ST via the Harmony app as a device and authorize all thru the web API. ST devices show up on the Harmony app. I then go to the ST app and I see the Harmony smart app associated with my virtual switch. I go thru the connect process to access the Harmony activities but get an unexpected error or not authorized error message. Anything Im doing wrong. IFTTT is so unreliable and useless.

I am not sure if you are in the right postings.Anyways…If you are getting ST to Harmony it should be okay i think.Just try one step at a time and the community can pitch in as and you proceed.Keeping the activities local and not the cloud would be a good idea.For each activity create and download the Harmony trigger app,What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

If you get to Harmony Home Control discussion-Posting no 563 onwards might give you an idea.

Thanks for the quick reply. Just trying to use a Simulated Switch to trigger a Harmony activity. IE- turn on TV. The new software does not list the Harmony trigger app as an option. Where do I find it? I am using the ‘Switch Activates Home Phrase’ app and trying to configure a “Routine” but again the Harmony activities are not listed. How do you achieve a local connection vs a cloud connection. I am unable to see any Harmony activities/devices on the ST app despite the ST devices showing up on the Harmony app.

Thanks for any help!

Most important part…Im using echo for voice control of TV. Can get it to work thru IFTTT but its so unreliable. I have 2.0.3 app. It is different from whats on the blog from 563 onward.


St virtual switch listed in Harmony

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Error when accessing hub

I am not an expert in anyways but I will try as I have a similar setup.Except I am not using the apps that you are using.Firstly,I think the virtual switch should be a Momentary Button Tile.Watch TV… or whatever is your activity needs to be assigned to the virtual switch.

Then, Goto ST app->Marketplace->SmartApps->More->Logitech Harmony Trigger->Intall -> Setup Accordingly… At Switch turned on check your virtual switch.At Start this Activity-Whatever yours is called.

The harmony activity should appear under SmartApps in home page.

Room Things SmartApps Family
Logitech Harmony Home

Hope this helps

@robretina Hi buddy! Couldn’t respond earlier. Are you in US or Uk? Also, did you shoot an email to support or a live chat? Also, did you make sure that all your harmony hubs are online? I was facing a similar issue where an old hub was tied to my myharmony account. I deleted the old harmony hub in myharmony and used the trigger Harmony events from the marketplace.

Easy fix here. Go in to your Harmony app, find Smartthings and delete it. Once the dust settles, search for, then re-load Smartthings in the Harmony app. I was pulling my hair out - finally figured it out.