ST link to Philips Hue Button scenario

Question, I have a Philips hue button with a Philips hue you hub. is it possible to use the button to set off a device within smartthings.

Example, if someone presses the button then a siren in smartthings turns on. I have a funny feeling that the button can only activate lights is this so?

At presents I can’t get the Philips hue button installed and configured in Philips hue hub app. It says that all information is not completed, I suspect this is because I have no lights or other devices set up in the app to link a room to the button.

You might ask why I’m not using a smart life button with the smart life siren. It’s just as an option at this stage and finding alternative options.

Thanks all

Just thinking…IFTTT would/should be able to fire off the command? Thoughts. But I still can’t get button installed, so I guess purchase one Hue light bulb as a button pushed light? The hue hub is set up ok in ST.

You will need to link the switch up separately it won’t come through directly from the hue hub. You will also need a DTH for it to work. If you search HUE DTH you should find what you need

If you use the hue button with the Hue bridge, then it is invisible to smartthings. You could have it turn on a particular light and then have that light coming on trigger the siren if that works for you.

The button is a Zigbee device and you can use it by connecting it directly to a smartthings hub with the DTH discussed in the following thread. Then it works like any other Zigbee button connected to smart things, but you won’t get any special hue features from it and it won’t show up in the hue app.

So basically one or the other, but not both.

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