Connecting Philips Hue with Bridge

I am new here and after punching a new Samsung TV with smartthings, I decided to start diving into this. I want to add my Philips hue lights to ST. I have a Philips Hue Bridge and I have a SmartThings Hub. I’m trying to add the Philips hue and it keeps telling me that I need to unplug the hue bridge wait until the lights are all solid and then press the pairing button. However, it never discovers my Philips hue. I have rebooted the hue bridge, rebooted the ST hub, rebooted my network switch (yes they are plugged into the same switch so they are on the same network), rebooted my router. Still no luck. I have seen several other posts on here from people not able to connect and unfortunately those threads have no answers or solutions listed. Any help would be appreciated. Also… out of curiosity since I also got a free ST ADT starter kit with the ADT hub (I have not configured or added it yet) can that act as a hub for my hue lights instead? Or will I still need both the smartthings hub?

The “ADT Security Hub with SmartThings” is a complete replacement for the SmartThings Hub (even though the “Hub” functionality is not exactly the same; different firmware, and a the ST Hub has a few minor extra features. The ADT SmartThings Hub will likely receive upgrades to get it closer to parity). There is no need to run a second SmartThings Hub.

SmartThings recommends controlling Hue bulbs through the Philips Hue Bridge (it’s not called a hub: probably because it is limited to connecting only to Hue and other ZigBee Light Link products, not general Home Automation devices).

I’ve not heard of problems with discoverability.

One possible diagnostic option? See if your Hue Bridge and lights can be discovered by and Amazon Echo or Dot.

From my experience, the pairing process is not particularly fussy – much less fussy than adding a ZigBee or Z-wave device, actually, because it is all on the LAN and wired (not wireless), so there’s no interference. The timing of pressing the “pairing” button the Bridge is not critical, and so on.

Definitely contact and describe the exact steps you’ve tried. Also, login to the SmartThings IDE web page and observe the Live Logging tab while pairing. The diagnostics can be very helpful:

Probably a typo, but based on other people’s experiences with Samsung tv’s and ST hubs, I feel compelled to point out that others probably have punched their TV after trying to get it working with ST.


What model TV do you have? You’re saying the ST hub is installed in the TV? Or you have another hub (in addition to the ST-ADT hub you mentioned)?

After spending 5 hours on chat with ST support I was able to speak with someone who was very helpful and got everything working. For me Super LAN in the hub had to be deleted to flush the hub of whatever it was doing. Then it was able to discover the Hue.

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It’s a new 2018 QLED q7 family tv.