Philips Hue Smart Button help

I have purchased one, however I don’t own a hue bridge, just a ST hub. I have had a go at a couple of custom device handlers buy not getting anywhere. Does anyone have any advice or a solution? Many thanks in advance

Others may need to confirm however I’m fairly sure that the Hue Smart Button (the little puck of a device) can’t currently be linked to the SmartThings ecosystem.

I have a few of the buttons and they are very nice but in order for them to work you need to have a Hue Bridge.

I brought one to to hard wire the switch behind because no neutral, what I did find is the basic zigbee button handler works for battery and for a press it’s just the hold that doesn’t work. As I’m not a coder I did try loads of stuff but went all over my head, but if anyone is I did find this thread that may help to adapt it?

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Update: I assigned it a basic ZigBee button device handler, which allowed it to register the battery percentage and click on/off within smartthings. I order to then get it to turn on and off a group of lights, I then used multiple IFTTT commands (individual on/off for each of the 4 lights) and it works as desired for my use.

If you are looking to do the same, I would advise you to add it to the ‘room’ group within your voice controller, which in my case is Google home, so that if you ask Google to turn on or off the ‘room’ group that the button controlls, the button will be in the same state as the lights, meaning you won’t have the lights on and the switch off within smartthings.

Have you tried using trend setter to group your lights so that you don’t need IFTTT?

I am controlling Hue lights with a SmartThings button. It works that way around

I do this in 2 rooms as well. As long as your hue account is accessible though ST, there’s no issue.

You don’t even need a Hue account for this. I don’t have one. It seems to work offline.

You mean you have your hue bulbs added directly into ST?

I am really not sure. I paired the bulbs to the Hue hub, then in SmartThings I added the Hue hub as a device which didn’t automatically show the bulbs through to SmartThings. So I also added the bulbs in SmartThings. Now I don’t know if ST hub is talking to Hue hub or going direct to the bulbs. I can probably find out in one second by trying to switch them off via the Hue hub…

One moment later: The hue app is controlling the lights and they can’t really be paired to both hubs so I guess ST is talking to them via the hue hub

Yep and also they react quicker to the Hue app, so I guess that is the extra hop making the difference

Yeah, having your ST hub controlling your hue devices through the hue bridge keeps everything local. If you add the hue devices directly into ST, it’ll then be controlled c2c.

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