What is the Best Practice Connecting Hue Devices to SmartThings?

Hello to All,

In fact, I am certainly new to home automation as well as the ST hub integration and searching expertise guidance from the community going forward.

Well, I have already brought Phillip Hue Smarter Kit, which includes 03 lights, 01 Hue Bridge, 02 Smart Buttons & 01 Dimmer Switch.

Could you please advise me, what is the best approach integrating those smart devices? Because I am confuse,

  1. Do I need to configure those devices first with Phillip Hue Application and adding to ST Hub later? OR

  2. Is this the best approach to integrate with ST Hub instead of Philippe Hue Apps very first time?

Could someone guide me on this and thanks in advance.

Welcome! :sunglasses:

You have the right idea.

First set up all the devices in the Phillips hue app, connecting them to your Phillips hue bridge.

Then set up the connection between your Phillips hue account and your smartthings account.

Here are the official instructions:


Thank you so much!! This advice really help me going forward

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