ST garage door opener need go control replacement

Been using two go controls for 2 years now they both no longer work. Are there any others out there that work with the new ST app? One stopped working weeks ago now the other is dead.

Most seem to be wifi these days. Looking for a simple all in one system like the go controls.


You should check out this thread. If the GDOs flash and seem to get the signal to open/close but don’t there is a pretty simple fix. Many have used it and they start working again. May not be your issue but something you might want to check out.

Curious to know why you want it to work in the new app? Either way, there are packaged all-in-ones out there $30-$50, or, for probably less than 1/2 of that, you could build your own that would do the same job.

Because the new app is missing a lot of things the old app has. Makes no sense.

Did you try a factory reset (press the reset button for 5+ seconds), it’s brought more than one dead Linear/GoControl garage door controller back to life.

It’s common for these devices to lose it’s connection with the hub especially when they aren’t close, often it will completely stop responding, no beeping nothing. Doing a reset, exclude and then including it again helps reset it.

Also it greatly helps putting it UPS on the device, as it’s very sensitive to voltage fluctuations.