[ST Edge] Wiser thermostat driver

I have been working for a few days on an edge driver for the wiser thermostat.

Some Notes

  • I have wrote the device as read only - you cannot control your heating with this driver. I’m not currently minded to do control as I control my heating directly in the wiser app, and I would have to understand all of the wiser components I don’t own (plugs, underfloor heating, hot water etc). I also don’t want to be blamed when somebodies house is as hot as a furness because of a bug in my code.
  • Any attempt to set the heating won’t actually do anything
  • Only rooms with a roomstat device will have humidity
  • You can use these devices in routines and automations
  • All devices will be created in your unassigned room, you can move them and rename them
  • If you delete a room, just press the button again for it to be created again
  • The set point temperature will show as -20 when it’s not set

Step 1
Enrol your hub in my Alpha channel and install the wiser bridge driver available - SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

Step 2
Add a new device by scanning nearby, this should add the ‘Wiser Bridge - 1’ device to smartthings in which ever room you scanned in.

Step 3
Open the device and go to settings, enter the ip address of your wiser bridge, and your secret

Step 4 - Push the button on the device main page, this will create a device for each room on wiser.

Let me know if it works for you, or if you have any suggestions on other wiser data to display.

You can review the code here GitHub - lrmulli/Wiser-Edge-Driver


You can use the instructions documented for the old groovy driver to find your secret drayton-wiser/README.md at master · chrisduffer/drayton-wiser · GitHub

Find your secret

Connection to the Drayton hub is done through a local LAN connection rather than via the cloud. This requires an app “secret” that the hub provides. To access this secret you need to jump through a couple of hoops:

  1. Log out of the app. Make sure you’re at the login screen
  2. Tap Setup / Create Account (even though your system has already been set up).
  3. Select the HubR type you have
  4. Press the Setup button on the hub
  5. This will start the WiserHeatXXX access point.
  6. Connect to WiserHeatXXX with you device or a real computer. You should get an IP in the range from the hub’s DHCP server.
  7. Go to in a web browser. You’ll set a long string of seemingly random numbers. This is your secret!
  8. Now finish the setup…
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your smartphone to WiserHeatXXX
  10. Tap Skip when prompted to set up your heating system.
  11. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Heat HubR to the
  12. Internet by selecting your new Wi-Fi network.
  13. Tap Skip when prompted to register an account.
  14. You have now changed to a new Wi-Fi network. You will see the home screen and can proceed to control your heating as normal.

Thanks for creating the Edge driver for the Wiser thermostat. I’ve just installed it using your instructions and it looks good to me!

I was previously using the colc1705 DTH but that has been broken for some time. If you ever considered adding write capability I would like Smartthings to be able to turn on the Wiser hot water.

I have a zigbee temperature sensor attached to my hot water tank and when colc1705’s DTH was running I had an automation turn on the hot water heating when the temperature dropped below a given threshold.

However, I appreciate that you don’t want to add functionality to control Wiser, but if you ever change your mind… :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can figure out what the command looks like ( to turn the hot water on) you could probably use @TAustin 's web requestor driver to make the call and have a virtual switch for turning your hot water on.

OK, thanks. I’ll see what I can find out.

Hi, I’m interested in installing the wiser system although put off geofencing - never seems to be reliable!

Does your driver allow home/away control via routine?


No, this driver is read-only. Just reads the temp & humidity for each room

Ok, great effort regardless

Thanks for this. Great work. Very useful even without controlling the thermostat.
I prefer that the thermostat controls itself anyway, and having data on the room temperatures should be handy. I have Velux electric windows which I’ll also have to find an edge driver for, would be amazing if they open up when it gets too warm.

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