Ct100 (2gig) zwave thermostat


I have a 2Gig CT100 thermostat at my mother’s house.
We did not need to control it through Smartthings for the last 2 years and before that we were controlling it through the old Smartthings app.
Now we need to control it via the new Smartthings app but the app only shows it as a thermostat and only displays the temperature. There is no way to increase/decrease temperature and/or change mode.
How can we change it so that we could control the temperature ?


This is discussed here

Install Z-Wave Thermostat driver from here


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thanks. how do we install drivers for the new system ?
(I am not using Smartthings at home for a while and I am not familiar with drivers)


ok. I enrolled from that page to the hub that we use and then installed drivers (specifically the zwave thermostat driver)
but there is no change on the smartthings app.
how do I change the driver for the device ?

I had to remove the device and re-add it. Now I am able to control mode and temperature.