Version 3 Hub Upgrade?

I have 3 Hubs, 2 are V2 and have been updated. But my Version 3 Hub has not been updates to use the Edge drivers. Should I be worried, or is the version 3 roll-out still to come? Thanks.

model number for the v3 hub? firmware version? By v3 hub has not been updated… do you mean none of the devices have been migrated to Edge drivers?

The Hub is at a remote location so I am not sure of the model number. On the IDE site it shows the hub as a “Samsung Connect Home, US_CA” with firmware 000.043.00005. Can I see the model and firmware version by looking on the App? But, yes, none of the sensors have been moved to Edge drivers. (And the same sensors at the another locations have). Thanks.

The Samsung Connect is not a V3 hub. It has the latest firmware for that model hub. You may want to test if you can add an Edge driver on it. If you can, then your devices simply have not been migrated at this point. If you can’t add an Edge driver to the hub, refer to the following thread but again, only if you are unable to add an Edge Driver to the hub:


Okay. Thanks for the information. Maybe it’s time for a new hub. I will wait for the new Station hub to become available. I was looking for a reason to get one!

Just be aware that the new station device does not support Z wave. It will support Zigbee, thread, and matter.


Yes, I know about the lack of the Zwave radio.

But, your answer begs the question. If this hub (Samsung Connect Home) will not support Edge drivers, what will happen once the current system is turned off? I have several sensors that use remote (IDE?) support. (I assume local operated sensors will still work). Will I just have a WiFi router left? Or will there be some other support for this Samsung Connect Home device? Thanks.

To be honest, we don’t know, because Samsung has not said. At one point they clearly intended to have edge drivers run on the Wi-Fi mesh router hubs, but they’ve had some difficulties implementing that. And there’s no hardware partner for those hubs, unlike the V3 hub, so it’s just a mystery. :thinking:

One thing I did want to clear up:

I assume local operated sensors will still work

If you are referring to Z wave or Zigbee connected to your smartthings hub, then, unfortunately, no, those are going to stop working for two different reasons.

  1. they still use edge drivers. Edge drivers run on your hub, and they are the way that the hub communicates with those devices, whether the hub can reach the Internet or not. So no edge drivers, no smartthings hub communication. :disappointed_relieved:

  2. smartthings staff have said that even in the new architecture the expectation is that the hub itself will normally be connected to the Internet. It is not designed to operate for any prolonged length of time without an Internet connection. For one thing, the smartthings app always requires an Internet connection in order to reach the hub. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did. Also, at the present time many of the rules, including anything involving scenes, still require the smartthings cloud.

If you want a system that can run without an active Internet connection, at least after initial set up, those certainly exist. It’s just that smartthings is not in that category.

Wow, great information. I willn’t feel bad if the hub stops working. Things don’t last for ever. I have had more than my money’s worth out of my various hubs. I never expected Samsung to support them forever. But it would be “nice” if some of the local stuff still works. Since all my hubs are at remote locations, I always have them connected to the Internet. (For two of the hubs that’s using a cellular modem for the Internet connection, it’s always worked very well).

I wonder if you can tell answer this…if I buy the new Aeotec smart home hub, can I use my two old Samsung Connect Home hubs as mesh extenders or will my whole smartthings system fall apart? Will the old hubs be compatible with the new? Apparently, the Aeotec hub will support Google, Alexa, SmartThings, Matter, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, and ZigBee protocols. My Connect Home is working ok and most devices are transitioning to the new Edge drivers, but there are glitches and I was thinking of upgrading. However, I’d like to use my old hubs as extenders. Will it work?

Unfortunately not. :disappointed_relieved: the Wi-Fi mesh hubs can only be used with each other. The standalone hubs like the current Aeotec model cannot join with them. If you want to use all the hubs you have, your two existing connect home hubs would make one system, and your new Aeotec hub would be a different system.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if you can access them all through the app at the same time, I’ve never heard of anyone mixing the Wi-Fi mesh models with other models. Hopefully someone else will know. :man_shrugging:t2:

William_Engel. That is interesting. Are you saying that your Connect Home hubs updated, automatically to use the new Edge drivers? Or did you have to add the edge drivers yourself? I have not yet tried to force the update of the drivers. The hub is still working as is.

Some Edge drivers updated automatically, some I had to install. However, my hub has firmware 43.x, which does not support CHILD_EDGE device types, firmware version 45.x or higher is required for this and I don’t see any notice about Samsung pushing a firmware update to the Connect Home hubs.

OK, so how do you set up a mesh with the new Aeotec hub? Do I have to buy two of these (minimum) or do the new hubs not support a mesh anymore? If it does not support a mesh, how does one extend Smartthings device signals througout the home?

A smartthings hub is a plastic box with a bunch of different radios inside. (And in some cases, one radio can handle multiple protocols.)

You are actually setting up a separate network for each protocol.

So you have one network for Z wave, one network for Zigbee, one network for thread if the hub supports thread.

As far as Wi-Fi goes, most of the smartthings hubs that have a Wi-Fi radio, including the most current Aeotec one, are joining an existing Wi-Fi network established by a different Wi-Fi router. Just like a printer or a streaming box or a tablet would do.

The Samsung Connect Home and SmartThings WiFi with Plume models were themselves Wi-Fi mesh routers that could establish a Wi-Fi mesh network. The other hub models don’t do that.

So… if you have one of the other models, like the current Aeotec V3, it will create a Z wave mesh network and a Zigbee mesh network and act as a thread border router for a thread mesh network. It can connect to whatever Wi-Fi network you have from a different Wi-Fi router, whether that’s Wi-Fi mesh or not.

So the Aeotec hubs do support Z wave mesh, Zigbee mesh, and thread mesh, most people only have one of them, but you have to have a different Wi-Fi router.

The three mesh protocols: Z wave, Zigbee, and thread extend their networks throughout the home by using “repeaters“, most commonly light switches and smart plugs, which are Mains power devices capable of passing along the signals for other devices of the same protocol.

The aeotec hub will not extend your Wi-Fi network in any way.

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Ok, got it. Thanks for the clear explanation.

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Looks like my Samsung Connect Home Hub has received an update. Several devices now have Edge Drivers. It appears to have happened over the last two weeks. Looking good.


The latest version for the Connect Home/Wi-Fi Plume hubs is 45.11. It fixed issues I was having with some of my Z-Wave S2 devices that had upgraded to Edge drivers and were not communicating properly.

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