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This when using the Virtual AC to decrease and increase the thermostat temperature

This is the list of vendors:

01:46:50.106 CMD: irhvac: {“vendor”:“x”}

Trouble is when Carrier_AC64 is selected, Virtual AC IR commands are not recognized by the Carrier unit. However, when I tried the very next vendor in the list COOLIX then all commands are recognized (although some don’t quite work properly, like the swing commands and the temperature units on the Carrier is always shown in C not F as selected in the app)

How can I select the Model. Per the documentation

It shows that Carrier has other models AC84 and AC128

Did you try sending IRHVAC command directly on the IR bridge? Did it work? If so, can I have the IRHVAC command that works with the Carrier AC?

I don’t see CARRIER_AC84 in the “A/C Model” field, is it possible to use it?

@hongtat are there any thoughts or work in progress to improve the experience for adding devices with custom sensors that ONLY have sensors and not a switch? If I missed some way to do this please let me know. Thanks!

EDIT: Oops it didn’t link back to my original post for context. Here is the link: [ST Edge] •• Tasmota Edge •• for Sonoff, Tuya & many other ESP WiFi & HTTP devices - over 2000 Tasmota supported devices - #564 by zeroepoch

Is there an easy way to change the assigned ip’s on devices that are already created?

Network setup has changed, gone from 192.168.0.XXX to 192.168.1.XXX

It’s a little tricky, as the parent has to be a dynamic, to match the main device. I’ll take a look…

I’m afraid not.

It’s already super easy, I just couldn’t work out where to look. Specific device, settings. LOL

@hongtat I created a HTTP Switch via Tasmota Edge.

However, after renaming the switch in the Smartthings App the switch is still called HTTP Switch in the Tasmota Edge Device Web Gateway.

How can I rename the HTTP Switch in the Tasmota Edge Device Web Gateway?

It’s a cache bug on the ST platform. It may a take few hours to show the correct name in the Web Gateway.

Thanks @hongtat It did eventually show the correct name. Took just over 24 hours.

Here is a sample IR received by the IR Bridge when I pressed the “Swing” button twice on the IR remote for the Carrier – it refers to a vendor “Midea” not Carrier. What do you think is going on here?

Commands to turn on swing, then off:

03:37:12.541 RSL: RESULT = {“IrReceived”:{“Protocol”:“MIDEA”,“Bits”:48,“Data”:“0xA202FFFFFF7E”,“DataLSB”:“0x4540FFFFFF7E”,“Repeat”:0,“IRHVAC”:{“Vendor”:“MIDEA”,“Model”:-1,“Mode”:“Auto”,“Power”:“Off”,“Celsius”:“Off”,“Temp”:93,“FanSpeed”:“Auto”,“SwingV”:“Off”,“SwingH”:“Off”,“Quiet”:“Off”,“Turbo”:“Off”,“Econo”:“On”,“Light”:“Off”,“Filter”:“Off”,“Clean”:“Off”,“Beep”:“Off”,“Sleep”:-1}}}
03:37:12.560 RUL: IRRECEIVED#DATA performs “WebQuery POST [Content-Type:application/json] {“Mac”:“E868E76006C2”,“IrReceived”:{“Data”:“0XA202FFFFFF7E”}}”
03:37:12.803 RSL: RESULT = {“WebQuery”:“Done”}
03:37:14.937 RSL: RESULT = {“IrReceived”:{“Protocol”:“MIDEA”,“Bits”:48,“Data”:“0xA202FFFFFF7E”,“DataLSB”:“0x4540FFFFFF7E”,“Repeat”:0,“IRHVAC”:{“Vendor”:“MIDEA”,“Model”:-1,“Mode”:“Auto”,“Power”:“Off”,“Celsius”:“Off”,“Temp”:93,“FanSpeed”:“Auto”,“SwingV”:“Off”,“SwingH”:“Off”,“Quiet”:“Off”,“Turbo”:“Off”,“Econo”:“On”,“Light”:“Off”,“Filter”:“Off”,“Clean”:“Off”,“Beep”:“Off”,“Sleep”:-1}}}
03:37:14.955 RUL: IRRECEIVED#DATA performs “WebQuery POST [Content-Type:application/json] {“Mac”:“E868E76006C2”,“IrReceived”:{“Data”:“0XA202FFFFFF7E”}}”
03:37:16.663 RSL: RESULT = {“WebQuery”:“Done”}

Commands to turn off power then on:

04:02:18.469 RSL: RESULT = {“IrReceived”:{“Protocol”:“MIDEA”,“Bits”:48,“Data”:“0xA1247EFFFFDB”,“DataLSB”:“0x85247EFFFFDB”,“Repeat”:0,“IRHVAC”:{“Vendor”:“MIDEA”,“Model”:-1,“Mode”:“Fan”,“Power”:“Off”,“Celsius”:“Off”,“Temp”:92,“FanSpeed”:“Auto”,“SwingV”:“Off”,“SwingH”:“Off”,“Quiet”:“Off”,“Turbo”:“Off”,“Econo”:“Off”,“Light”:“Off”,“Filter”:“Off”,“Clean”:“Off”,“Beep”:“Off”,“Sleep”:-1}}}
04:02:18.488 RUL: IRRECEIVED#DATA performs “WebQuery POST [Content-Type:application/json] {“Mac”:“E868E76006C2”,“IrReceived”:{“Data”:“0XA1247EFFFFDB”}}”
04:02:18.750 RSL: RESULT = {“WebQuery”:“Done”}
04:02:31.359 RSL: RESULT = {“IrReceived”:{“Protocol”:“MIDEA”,“Bits”:48,“Data”:“0xA1A47EFFFF5B”,“DataLSB”:“0x85257EFFFFDA”,“Repeat”:0,“IRHVAC”:{“Vendor”:“MIDEA”,“Model”:-1,“Mode”:“Fan”,“Power”:“On”,“Celsius”:“Off”,“Temp”:92,“FanSpeed”:“Auto”,“SwingV”:“Off”,“SwingH”:“Off”,“Quiet”:“Off”,“Turbo”:“Off”,“Econo”:“Off”,“Light”:“Off”,“Filter”:“Off”,“Clean”:“Off”,“Beep”:“Off”,“Sleep”:-1}}}
04:02:31.379 RUL: IRRECEIVED#DATA performs “WebQuery POST [Content-Type:application/json] {“Mac”:“E868E76006C2”,“IrReceived”:{“Data”:“0XA1A47EFFFF5B”}}”
04:02:31.657 RSL: RESULT = {“WebQuery”:“Done”}

Interestingly, if I set the Virtual Air Conditioner to MIDEA, the air conditioner unit misbehaves with the received commands. Temp up/down cause the unit to turn on/off and display “SC” or Self Clean when on:

Here is what was sent on lowering temperature from 72F to 71F that caused this:

04:08:24.688 RSL: RESULT = {“IRHVAC”:{“Vendor”:“MIDEA”,“Model”:1,“Mode”:“Cool”,“Power”:“On”,“Celsius”:“Off”,“Temp”:71,“FanSpeed”:“Auto”,“SwingV”:“Auto”,“SwingH”:“Auto”,“Quiet”:“Off”,“Turbo”:“Off”,“Econo”:“Off”,“Light”:“Off”,“Filter”:“Off”,“Clean”:“Off”,“Beep”:“Off”,“Sleep”:-1}}

Does it send the correct vendor (and the temp, mode, swing, etc) in the IRHVAC command as selected in the Virtual AC setting; AC brand?

After the SmartThings firmware version 0.48.03, my Tasmota Edge driver is freezing after a certain period of time, and when I click on the URL in the Tasmo Edge device, the page doesn’t load. The same issue is also present for my friend. It gets fixed when I turn off and on the hub, but it happens again. Is anyone else in the group experiencing the same problem?

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Yes, if I select Carrier I see the IRHVAC command in the log with that brand. Same with CoolIX, and Midea it changes accordingly in the log.

Interestingly, Midea seems to be a manufacturer of many popular brands. Wondering if that’s why it’s identifying button clicks on the IR remote as Midea and not Carrier.

If the IRHVAC command in the log matches what you send, then Tasmota Edge is functioning correctly.

I’m afraid I’m unable to assist you with the troubleshooting as this is outside the scope of Tasmota Edge.
I’m guessing is either Tasmota/IRremoteESP8266 or your selection is incorrect.

Tasmota Edge Update.

  • Virtual Air Conditioner - Set Quiet, Turbo, Econo, Light, Filter, Clean & Beep settings. @v.porsio
  • Added support for PM1, PM2.5 & PM10. @Johnnybegoode
  • Added support for LD2410

Update will automatically be pushed and installed to your hub. Version: 2023.6.1

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Thank you @hongtat for the additional support for the various particle types! much appreciated by me, while the LD2410 integration opens up a world of possibilities :+1:

im having the same problems since few days ago. my tasmota devices doesnt work again a day after reset.

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Yes, same issue almost daily.

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Also having issues here.

I can trace the start of my issue down to the release of the new TE driver on 2020-06-18T15:55:55:881083491

I have had to reset my HUB every morning since then…

HUB software is 000.048.00003 – updated at 2023-06-13 6:28 PM UTC

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@k0jdd @Robie - What hub are you using? STv2 ? And what other community edge drivers do you have?

The new release doesn’t have any changes or fixes to address this issue as it doesn’t appear to be a Tasmota Edge driver issue.
It is probably not related to the new Hub firmware.

This issue appears to be randomly appearing for some users, and would go away after some Hub firmware update.
It happened to my STv2 once, and the issue went away after some time, and I’m unable to reproduce the problem at all; my STv2 hub z-wave dies after some time.